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RTS #939 – Free Samples

Admit it. Your favorite part of going to Costco is for the free samples. I mean who can turn down free food? 

There are so many places that let you taste a bit of their food before buying and you can’t help but to try it even if it doesn’t look that appetizing. You know that when you go to a froyo place, you will try out every single flavor before picking the perfect one to dispense into your cup. And then when you go to Trader Joe’s, the samples that they give you are so heavenly that you feel the need to buy those items!

However, samples at places like Yogurtland or Menchie’s is not the same as samples at Costco. Every time you go to Costco, you know that you’re on the hunt for those red-checkered table cloths because that’s the sign for the free samples. The man or lady working at the station is beckoning you to come to their station with words like delicious, fresh, hot, and the phrase, “Only 7.99!” As you approach the station, there on the red plastic tray are little white cups of yummy samples. You grab one, thank the person serving you, and then continue with your shopping while savoring the delicious taste of some random food you would have never thought to try.  And of course, you walk through the whole store sampling everything. Even the fruity vitamin chew.

The sample goddess

The sample goddess

But let’s be honest now.

You don’t just take one sample at each station. We all know that you go back for seconds for your favorite ones. You might even say to the lady there, “This one is for my little brother!” Or you might even try the sly technique of sneaking in when there’s a huge crowd around the station, hoping she doesn’t recognize you from the first time. Once you get that second sample, it tastes just as good as the first. No trip to Costco is complete without a round of free samples.

So smile today. There’s plenty of free samples to go around and each bite-size portion is a little bit of happiness in itself! You might even leave the store with a full belly!

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