RTS #861- Hitting the Sack

Its been a very long day. There has been lots of work, planning, people, things said, things done. Your entire day has been chalk full of do, do, do; and go, go, go. Your day hasn’t been bad, it’s just been very full of activity, and nonstop work which can be a good thing. Or maybe your day wasn’t full of different activities and work, it could be that you had a single task to focus on that took a lot of time and energy.

But you know what soothes those frayed nerves and over-thinking brain? Coming home, changing into your pajamas and getting to end your day asleep on your nice, comfy bed. Now doesn’t that sound so relaxing? Although you may not have been completely satisfied with your work, getting a good night’s rest also can help you out with that too. So tomorrow when you get back to working and doing what you need to do, you can do so feeling rejuvenated and reenergized! Getting a good amount of sleep really does improve the work you do. 

I love knowing that at the end of a stressful or busy, work-filled day, I get to come home and just sleep. No real brain power, no tons of thinking needed just to close my eyes, lay in bed and falling asleep. Sleep is awesome, so just thinking of those z’s should put a smile on your face. 

Here’s a smile to going to bed after a really long and busy day. Smile, because being the busy, hardworking bee that you are, you get to close your eyes knowing you got everything you needed to get done, dealt with and now you can get some well earned shut-eye.

A good night’s sleep is really important to start the next day more productive. It can calm down your mind that helps in starting a day fresh. Even if you are stressed out, you should always make it a point to keep away all your worries before you get into bed.

RTS #859- Getting Good Advice

Sad as it may be, it is impossible to know everything. It is impossible to know how to act or react to certain situations. It is impossible to know how to handle every wrecking ball life swings our way. Luckily, we have brothers, sisters, friends, mothers, fathers. Luckily we have a myriad of people who we can go to for some advice when we’re in a sticky situations.

Especially for us teens, as we’re bumbling our way through our adolescence into adulthood, we may need a good piece of advice every now and then. We’re young, we’re erratic, we’re excited, all wonderful things. But sometimes these characteristics that mark us as young adults can accidentally lead us to needing to ask for help. I know my impulsiveness has made me ask someone to weigh in on my situation.

Maybe you’re more settled into your life, you have a career and have started a family with someone. Age doesn’t negate the need for advice every now and then. My dad says he never stopped asking my grandfather for his advice, especially when it came to parenting.

Sometimes we’re stuck in a rut, and not a clue as to what to do. Maybe it’s advice on how to improve your studying habits, maybe it’s advice on how to navigate all types of relationships. Again being a teen sometimes I don’t want to go to my parents for advice because maybe they’ll embarrass me, or maybe they won’t understand. Turns out, parents are pretty wise people. When my older sister was going through a rough time my dad said to the both of us, “Respect yourself enough that you don’t allow just anyone to come in and out of your life as they please.” Smart guy. Life is a learning experience, we’re bound to ask a mentor, an older sibling, a parent, a friend for advice. And that’s okay. It’s incredibly comforting knowing that I have people who can support me and guide me in my life through advice, or just a listening ear.

Here’s a smile to getting good advice when you need it! Count your lucky stars that you have people in your life to support you and help you throughout your life. Getting good advice can certainly be a life saver!


RTS #860- Helping Others and Helping Yourself

‘Tis the season of giving right? I’m a firm believer that by helping others, not only do you spread the kindness but you also help yourself. I believe that when you’re in a not so sunny place, by helping others it’s fulfilling and healing.

Finding something that is fulfilling, a help to others and healing, well that is definitely something worth smiling about.

Maybe it’s the because of the season, but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about giving. And how you don’t give to receive, but most of the time you walk away with something though it might not be something of the material persuasion. Think back to the last time you did something kind for someone else. It could have happened this morning, last night, maybe even last week. It could have been some big thing, like a fundraiser for an organization whose cause is something you are passionate about. It could have been something as small as smiling at someone as you walk by then.

You’d be surprised to see how easily uplifted we humans are. One smile, or one ‘hello’ brightens our day considerably.

In these past few months, writing on this blog and just living my daily life I’ve learned something I want to share with you and I hope it helps you as much as it helps me. What I learned is that by helping others, I help myself. A few months ago I wasn’t in a very good place. That’s when I started trying to make being kind a daily practice, helping others more of a priority in my life. At first it was more of a distraction, but then it became something more. By being kind, and helping others, I wasn’t putting a band-aid over a bullet wound, rather I was allowing myself to heal.

Again, think back to the last time you did something nice, or helped someone out. You didn’t walk away from that feeling dejected or morose did you? I know I never did. By helping others we give ourselves that chance to be empathetic, kind and heal. It’s incredible really.

I know that this post is probably very different from previous ones, but I think realizing that you are able to be kind, and give your time and effort to the benefit of others at the same time your healing from situations or emotions is something worth smiling about.

Smile! Even if you’re not feeling up to it, someone will appreciate that smile!

Smile! When you help others you also help yourself.


RTS #906- Music and Cleaning

For those of us familiar with the TV sitcom The Nanny, I’m sure many of us remember the scene when Niles has the house to himself; and as he’s cleaning he’s rocking out to James Brown’s I Feel Good. 

Chores can be a bore, especially for us teens who at times (okay most of the time) absolutely loathe them. But they must be done, c’est la vie. Particularly those chores that can’t be done quickly. For example, washing all the dishes of six family members, cleaning the entire kitchen, scrubbing the bathroom shiny and clean. Those chores while doing them seem never ending.

Take a tip from The Nanny, cleaning doesn’t have to be a complete pain. Got some speakers? Plug in your iPod, play a station from Pandora or bust out your ancient boom box turn up your favorite radio station. Instantly fulfilling your cleaning duties because a much more pleasurable experience!

While you’re sweeping the floor, air guitar to that rock song playing in the bathroom. Pretend you are Beyonce as your scrub your bathtub. Or take a ten minute break to dance like there’s no tomorrow to your absolute favorite song that has just come on!

Here’s a smile to being more like Niles! Smile because now at least you can more easily endure those cleaning sessions! :) Keep smiling and enjoy your summer!

RTS #858- Snow!

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful.

And since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”

I love snow, it makes everything look so peaceful and beautiful. I like looking at the trees outside covered in snow. Especially since it’s December, it reminds me of the holiday season.

Snow calls for quality family/friend/alone time. If you’re looking for some time to yourself, you can stay home and just hang out, read a book, watch a movie. You can do all these things knowing you can use the excuse, “the weather outside is frightful!” When I was younger my family would always go out into the snow together. We’d take walks and picture and build snow men, which would eventually degenerate into a snowball fight. Good times. Snow can also mean some good times with friends, involving some great movies, hot chocolate, cookies, brownies and just quality time.

Snow is so great isn’t it?

For students another perk of snow is snow days! Today school was canceled and I, along with two thousand other students, got to thank the snow gods and catch up and some much needed hours of sleep. Sleep is amazing, it makes my top ten favorite things list. As a student, whenever you get the chance to sleep, you take it. Who doesn’t like sleep? No one that’s who. Snow leads to snow days which lead to more sleep. See why snow is so amazing? (Aside from the fact that you now have a winter wonderland in right outside your door. :))

Smile, there is snow! Go out and have a snowball fight, build some snow people, snuggle into warm blankets and drink hot chocolate like a boss.